Older Persons Programme

This is the club for any and all seniors’ that’s over the age of 60.  They meet three days per week. They are supplied with a balanced nutritional meal which include breakfast and lunch.  Services available include educational and skills development programmes, spiritual, cultural, health and social services as well as recreational opportunities.

Care and Service to Families Programme

This programme is aimed to preserve and strengthen families. It also includes parenting plans, parenting skills programmes, support services, interventions aimed at family reunification and early intervention services.

Community Nutritional Development

Daily nutritional meals are served 5 days per week, for unemployed people.  The target is 250 people per day.  This programme is supported via 'Ilitha Labantu'.

Targeted Feeding

This programme provides daily meals to individuals referred to by the Manenberg clinic who suffers from health issues such as TB and HIV/AIDS and malnutrition.  This is a partnership between the Department of Health and the Department of Social Development where the Manenberg Peoples Centre is the service provider.


The Co-operative (The Bakery at the Centre MCDE)

The objective with this programme is to help poor communities bake bread to support themselves and their community. This project seeks to involve young unemployed parents in a job creation and skills training initiative. They branch out to bake vetkoek, cake and biscuits. 

Extreme Kenpo Karate

In partnership with 'Fight For Peace' this programme is aimed at young people that faces challenges in the community by using contact sport as an outlet. Sessions takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 15:00 – 17:00

Services to the Community at the Centre