To enhance our community, making them self sufficient by developing skills and improving their lives

Our vision is to create a Socially, Economically and Environmentally Conscious Community

Respect, dignity, fairness, work ethic underpin the work of the organisation and guide interaction

History of Manenberg People’s Centre

In 1985 at the area committee (a forum for all the progressive organizations in the area) the idea of establishing an organization was born. The Manenberg Peoples’ Centre was established in 1986 as an apolitical organization. Its members are free to belong to a political party of their choice. This organization’s primary aim would be to raise the necessary funds to build a centre that would meet the needs of the community. For this reason the very first community participatory research concept in the country was embarked upon. The design and activities in the building was then based on the research findings. The official opening was on 1st March 1991 by the people of Manenberg. It was the first community built multi - purpose centre.

Key focus areas, Future plans and Sustainability

Projects & Programmes at the Centre